After hearing Science Kills on the late great John Peel's show one cold, probably damp evening back in 1985 I have been a massive fan of Snake Corps. I loved how reminiscent of my favourite band the Chameleons Tristan Garel Funk's guitar work was and what a great rhythm section they had so popped into HMV at the weekend to purchase the 12". The cover of In Flux just blew me away and the singer’s voice just blew me away. As the years went by I bought each release on all formats and have since even paid over the odds for an import copy of Flesh on Flesh on CD off ebay as my vinyl copy was knackered to say the least. So you can imagine my glee to hear Marc Lewis had re-recorded some of the old songs and some new material.

You can hear Carl Jones' love and appreciation of the originals and his playing is at times superb. He even adds some intriguing original touches to some the songs
especially through clever use of the keyboard. The crowning glory though is Marc's voice which was always a favourite of mine and has grown warm and vibrant
with age and his range is showcased beautifully on Testament and Fireflies. To finish off I'd like to thank you both and it was a genuine shock and a wonderful touch to open the CD case and see that Marc had actually signed the disc. Thanks again.

From: Tony Peacock, England

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New 11 track CD: Testament
by Marc Lewis

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In Flux
Always be the Same
No No No
More than the Ocean


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